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Meraki - Cisco DNA Spaces
Helping enterprises respond and adapt to the pandemic: now & beyond

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Cisco Meraki Products
Meraki - Cisco DNA Spaces Products
Meraki and DNA Spaces 3 Year Bundle
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Meraki and DNA Spaces 5 Year Bundle
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Spaces and Meraki

Together, Meraki and DNA Spaces bring you tools that will not only address your immediate back to business needs but will also inform your long term strategy to maintain business continuity, support people safety and meet evolving customer expectations.

A complete out-of-the-box Business Resiliency Solution from Cisco

Cisco DNA Spaces taps into the intelligence of your Meraki wireless network infrastructure to help you monitor real time visitor density, analyze the impact of pandemic on visitor behavior, trace the history of a reporting device and understand if your reopening strategy is working or not.

Zero complexity cloud based solution

Less than 30 mins to activate.

Quick & Low Touch
Deployment of use-cases

Enterprise Grade Scale

End-End SLA with 24/7 Support

Meraki- three pillars

Right Now

Measure and monitor people count and their behavior. Know how many people are there across your locations in real-time and understand how it compares with the historical average.

Cisco DNA Spaces - Right now

Cisco DNA Spaces - Camera Metrics

Camera Metrics

Use your Meraki Cameras and achieve an even higher degree of accuracy in people count within your buildings.

Density Rules

Proactively setup density and occupancy thresholds to manage the number of people across your buildings. Get notified in realtime via text, email, chat (WebEx Teams) or digital signages when a safe threshold is crossed.

Cisco DNA Spaces - Density Rules

Cisco DNA Spaces - Proximity Reporting

Proximity Reporting

Make rapid response to incidents reported using the Proximity reporting app. Investigate its impact across employees & zones by tracing proximity. Does not require a mobile app or any additional hardware.

Cisco DNA Spaces - Behavior Metrics

Behavior Metrics

Analyze trends and derive insights from people behavior specific to Covid. See how business locations stack up against each other.

Location Analytics

Use this app as a flexible reporting tool to build custom reports related to the number of visitors and visits (filtered by location, SSID, time range, date range) to enable different type of analysis on people behavior during and after the pandemic.

Cisco DNA Spaces - Location Analytics

Cisco DNA Spaces - Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis

Measure the impact of Covid-19 on people's behavior. Understand how employees, customers and guests are responding to your reopening plans - find out what's working and what's not.

Cisco DNA Spaces - Captive Portals

Captive Portals

Use the Captive Portal app to acquire customers in a contactless way. Also share policies, build confidence or simply say hello to your customers, employees, or guests as you get back to business.


From the time people enter your location until they leave - deliver a contactless yet personalized experience at every touch point via multiple channels (email, SMS, push notifications, etc.)

Cisco DNA Spaces - Engagements

Cisco DNA Spaces - Location Personas

Location Personas

Deliver differentiated loyalty experiences by personalizing your engagements depending on building status and visitor persona.

Enabling enterprises across all verticals to return to work safely

Whether you're a workspace that wants to safely bring your employees back to work or a retail business that wants to reimagine customer experiences in a new normal world - there are 'Back to Business' use cases for all industry verticals. Because every customer matters.

Campus Based



Consumer Facing




Operations Led



Cisco Meraki Products
Meraki - Cisco DNA Spaces Products
Meraki and DNA Spaces 3 Year Bundle
Our Price: Request a Quote
Meraki and DNA Spaces 5 Year Bundle
Our Price: Request a Quote

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