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Meraki Smart Spaces
From contact tracing to footpath optimization, create the office of the future.

When people engage, they share information and ideas that transform businesses, communities, and worlds. Like business complexes, schools, and data centers, smart spaces also need firm foundations. But unlike your building’s foundation, which is designed to be solid and immovable, the framework for your smart space is strongest when founded in the cloud-decentralized, agile, scalable, and secure.

Smart spaces are the future. Deliver it to your workspaces now-with IoT technologies.

  • Build smart spaces faster and more securely by uniting IoT and connectivity on one platform.
  • Enrich communities to help create experiences that transform business, government, and education.
  • Enhance engagement and productivity to enable the flow of people and ideas.
  • Accomplish this with proven technologies.

Imagine the data-powered possibilities of smart spaces

Today, Meraki customers nurture secure, healthy environments and save time and money by:


  • Improving productivity and interaction
  • Ensuring employees, whether working remote or on-site, maintain equal access to networks and resources
  • Providing seamless, scalable, and delightful experiences for all

Health and Safety

  • Creating complete connectivity and coverage for multiple locations and devices
  • Eliminating time-consuming manual processes for policy enforcement and device provisioning
  • Finding alternatives and complements to on-site onboarding procedures for new employees
  • Overcoming the complexity of integrating physical and network security into a single point of control
  • Customizing security based on business need without creating bespoke systems for IT teams to support


  • Accelerating onboarding by using Systems Manager to automate provisioning
  • Remediating issues with Meraki Health for network analysis before users create help-desk tickets
  • Gaining complete transparency across network performance with Meraki Insight
  • Optimizing connectivity and delivering the experiences of next-gen Wi-Fi with the Z3 teleworker gateway for remote and home employees

A framework for success

The Meraki cloud-first platform eliminates the complexity of integrating networking, sensors, and analytics. Our technologies help you accomplish both departmental and high-level goals-evaluate infrastructure capacity and reduce your organization’s environmental footprint, improve network visibility and enhance employee safety, and automate communications and underscore why people want to work at and partner with your business, government agency, or school.

The Meraki platform combines:

You name the space-we'll make it smart.

See how Meraki technologies-wireless access points, smart cameras, and environmental sensors-make spaces more intuitive.


Boost employee comfort-and productivity-with smarter office spaces.


Elevate the spaces where employees, customers, guests, and students come together.


Be sure only authorised persons access secure spaces-when they're supposed to.

Deliver a smarter workspace experience.

Meraki Wi-Fi APs are built to work seamlessly with smart cameras and environmental sensors. All can be easily configured and deployed at scale via the cloud-first Meraki platform, getting you the insights you need, faster.

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