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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
Protect and connect your network without compromise

SASE is a journey with immediate and long-term benefits, such as enhanced customer experience, security, agility, and productivity.

Discover how Cisco Meraki removes the complexity that surrounds SASE and seamlessly protects access to your business' resources anywhere, anytime.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced security
  • Streamlined management
  • Quality experiences


Hybrid workforces and multi-cloud environments increase operational complexity and can put security resilience at risk.

  • Network complexity is at odds with business agility and IT teams need more dynamic solutions to get fast, flexible connectivity
  • Without centralized control over policy, access, and identity, security teams can’t deliver trusted, secure experiences at scale
  • Unified SASE solutions provide rich visibility, proactive insight, and comprehensive control for seamless IT management

Put experiences first with the Meraki platform

Benefit from dynamic connectivity

It all starts with the network. Build more best-in-class network experiences on the world's most-trusted SD-WAN fabric.

Be fast and flexible

Reduce connectivity costs, accelerate change management, and eliminate application delays no matter how your teams connect.

Maintain a network that's trusted and secure

Connecting millions of endpoints, the Meraki platform protects customers from over 25 billion security threats every month.

Get a seamless IT experience

Unify management, fast-track ops, and provide powerful APIs to build faster. The Meraki dashboard makes it easy.

Cisco+ Secure Connect

Radically simplify how you connect and secure people, devices, and applications-from anywhere-with Cisco+ Secure Connect.

  • Streamline operations, reduce security risks, and boost the productivity of your Meraki Dashboard
  • Seamlessly connect a hybrid workforce and optimize application performance across public and private clouds through Meraki SD-WAN
  • Protect every connection and secure every transaction-backed by one of the world's largest commercial threat intelligence teams

Your blueprint for SASE made easy.

Deliver secure, seamless connectivity with Cisco+ Secure Connect-our unified SASE solution-powered by the Meraki platform.

Resilient Network Security

Build greater network resiliency and strengthen your security posture.

Secure Your Hybrid Workforce

Safely connect users across any point of service for secure access.

A Unified IT Experience

Deliver exceptional experiences that are seamless, streamlined, and easy to operate.

Secure connectivity anywhere-for everyone.

Create a dynamic and resilient network to secure your hybrid workforce via a single solution on one unified platform.

  • Improve your security posture with continuous visibility into threats and respond to unpredictable events with agility
  • Forge an easy, seamless path to SASE that unites networking and security-delivered from the cloud in a single solution

Unified experiences that are simple and scalable.

Deploy quickly and easily without complex engineering and reap the benefits of a premier, single-vendor SASE solution.

It all starts with the network. Build more best-in-class network experiences on the world's most-trusted SD-WAN fabric.

  • Trust the power of Cisco Meraki-supporting millions of networks globally and connected to hundreds of millions of client devices
  • Confidently navigate your path to SASE without the complexity, no matter where you are in your journey

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